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Ignacio Pereira

Pereira (1979) has always been surrounded by art. His great-grandfather Fernando Labrada was the President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Rome and had a great influence on his perception of the espace and light.

He began a degree in business but quickly changed direction and entered into the Official School of Interior Architecture in Madrid. During his studies, he began working in different media agencies until 2005 when he started to develop his own project, founding theCoronel Truman , agency. It was during this period that he came into contact with photography, thus developing a profound interest in aesthetics.

In 2018, his personal project entitled KENOPSIA, is awarded with the Photo España

Obsessed with portraying isolation in impossible spaces, he presents us with iconic places where the sole survivor provides the scale and personality of each snapshot


Collection of 30 unpublished photographs, it deals with the inevitable passage of time, stories of anonymous people who have struggled, unsuccessfully, to fulfill their dreams.

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Ignacio Pereira Photographer
Ignacio Pereira Photographer
Ignacio Pereira Photographer
Ignacio Pereira Photographer

An artistic expression is not a decorative object, it is a reflective element.

Ignacio Pereira Photographer
Ignacio Pereira Photographer
Ignacio Pereira Photographer

Companies that invest in art materialize their commitment to excellence.

Ignacio Pereira Photographer
Ignacio Pereira Photographer

If an idea does not exist, it has to be made.

Ignacio Pereira Photographer
Ignacio Pereira Photographer

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  • 2022 JUN. Pokoespacio Special mention PHE
  • 2022 FEB. Vithas Center Aravaca Madrid
  • 2021 SEP. Space Clorofila Tellez 17 Madrid
  • 2021 NOV. Gallery Kraisler Hermosilla 8 Madrid
  • 2018 NOV. ART MUC Isarforum en el Dt.Museum
  • 2018 NOV. Galery Gaudí García Paredes 76 Madrid
  • 2018 SEP. UBS Europe ES María de Molina, 4 Madrid
  • 2018 FEB. Hotel Indigo Gran Vía Madrid
  • 2017 NOV. Sala Setdar Subastas
  • 2017 MAY. City Hall Pozuelo
  • 2017 JAN. Space Pangea
  • 2016 DEC. Sala Masterclass

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Ignacio Pereira Photographer

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